Our Drawing Teacher


Kim Anderson

Art has been a much beloved constant companion for me for quite literally my entire life. As I grew older I was startled when I realized that most of my friends left it behind, finding other interests. Then, years later, I would listen as those same friends would turn to me and say: "I wish I could draw." To which I reply: "Everyone can draw."

I firmly believe that given desire and practice, anyone can improve their drawing ability. It's a skill, like any other. A skill that children don't think twice about using, but somewhere along the line forget or give up for other things.

In our increasingly tech-oriented world, I believe creative skills like art and music are more important than ever. They help expand the mind and inspire new thoughts and possibilities. Technology can fail, but with a pencil in hand, an artist can create anything.

Kim Anderson was born and raised right here in the Tri Valley area. Art has been the one constant in her life. Her mother put a pen in her hands and taught her that everything is made up of shapes and lines. All through school she was the one that was always drawing, which predictably led her to a career in art.

Kim graduated from The Academy of Art University in 2016 with her Masters in Fine Art with an emphasis in illustration and graphic novel. While there her work found a place in the annual spring student showcase on multiple occasions and received an award for her paper sculpture. She has also been involved with several independent comic projects, working both alone and with collaborators to create original content for small scale printing.

Since graduation Kim has been working as a freelance illustrator, throwing her creative hat at everything from letterpress printing to fine art and editorial illustration. She has also been working on a handful of different comic and graphic novel projects, one of which will be ready for online publishing later this year.

Teaching is a new but much beloved passion, first discovered while tutoring friends at University and solidified by taking on individual students as well as teaching small workshops to a variety of age groups and skill levels over the last couple of years.