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Paul Psarras

My teaching philosophy is based on years of experience teaching students from various backgrounds. When teaching, I try early on to discover what motivates the student. I access the needs of every student in order to help them progress in their music development. I use a variety of materials to help them achieve their goals. Learning and understanding music takes time, but working every day bit by bit brings consistently good results.


Paul Psarras is a versatile guitarist and musician, teaching a broad range of musical styles including classical guitar, baroque music, flamenco music and Greek music. Paul studied guitar at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music earning both his Bachelors and Masters Degree in Classical Guitar Performance. His teachers include Sergio Assad and David Tanenbaum. He has performed with the San Francisco Symphony and the San Francisco Opera.  He was the featured guitar soloist with the Bear Valley, Vallejo and Master Symphonies. His recording experiences include playing baroque guitar on the Grammy nominated Kingdoms of Castile CD, as well as playing guitar on several film documentaries.

His solo guitar CD "Cascade" is available on iTunes and Spotify. His first album as a solo Greek artist is due out in early 2019.