Our Ukulele Teacher

Guitar lessons in Pleasanton, CA

Kelly Miller

I believe that the most powerful force in the world is music. It can inspire and transform thought to a degree that words cannot. It transcends boundaries and languages. It provokes emotion, and allows one to express themselves without words. This is one of the most therapeutic and healthy things one can do for their own growth as a person and a musician.


Kelly Miller has been performing and writing music for 20 years. He plays ukulele, bass, guitar, drums and piano. He has performed around the country as a singer/songwriter and in bands in multiple styles such as blues, funk, rock, pop, and indie. He studied music business, performance, and technology in St. Louis, Missouri and Austin, Texas. He has produced his own recordings and albums for bands for the last 14 years.  His teaching experience spans just as long, teaching guitar, bass, and ukulele, as well as outdoor education in the Rockies and Ozarks. He is currently working as a solo artist for Black Media Co, performing as a singer/songwriter.